Photo by Brad + Jen at  Q Avenue Photo

Photo by Brad + Jen at Q Avenue Photo

"Where are you from?" has always been a tricky question for me. I grew up bouncing around the USA and Germany. However, I claim the boot at the bottom of the map (Louisiana) as my home. 

Louisiana, the Mississippi River and ultimately the South have carved a special place in my heart. Together they are a wonderfully strange place that I love to share with others. 

In 2017, I left a sweet gig as a full time university photographer at Tennessee Tech to travel the world with my wife for one year. 

Currently, we live in Houston, TX, where I am the university photographer for University of Houston.

Instagram is a huge creative outlet and a community in which I am actively involved. 

My personal work tends to focus on environmental portraits. It still amazes me how a camera and a smile can break down social barriers, including the ones I place on myself. 

I enjoy a cold IPA, a cup of tepid black coffee, a non-toasted everything bagel, sketchy food trucks, a furrowed brow, a good conversation, a cranky vintage motorcycle and cranky film cameras.