Mungyeong Adventure


Along with 28 other folks, we boarded a special train that did not show up on any of the station schedules. This kicked off a day of firsts for us. We were bound for Mungyeong for a day of rail biking, tea festivals, foot spas, theme tunnels and delicious food. 


As we watched the countryside fly by and enjoying a seating arrangement different from the usual commuter trains, we met a photographer that worked for the railroad. He asked us to be in some photos showcasing foreigners riding the train. Used to being on the asking end of this conversation, I agreed not knowing what was in store. Soon we were doing an activity in every train car. Drinking coffee in the dining car, relaxing in the car with fun decor and seating and wait for it...


That's right, being serenaded by a saxophonist. Did I mention this was a first? After a song or two, it was suggested we sing something. To a car full of strangers, that didn't speak English. 

_JCH0258_1 복사본 (1).JPG

Here's that shot that will make us famous! Taken by TravelNPhoto Some days later, a student of mine came up and said that she saw us on TV. You can find that gem here.


So rail biking as also a first. After I sat in the front passenger seat, I was informed that was the seat/pedals that actually charged the battery. Luckily, biking to work had trained me for this and away we went. 


Huge fan of Korean food and there always seems to be something new to try. This is boiled pork (eaten lettuce taco style) and omjia makgeolli (traditionally Korean rice wine make pink by the omija berry).


After we were full, we headed to the Chasabal (tea bowl) Festival. We had a whirlwind tour, made a chasabal, drank some tea, drank some Korean craft beer and had a look at some pottery.


After a couple more stops, it was time to head home. Basking in the sunset, we waited for the train to take us back to Gumi!