This past Monday was Labor Day, but to me it was just my usual Monday off day, with one exception - the weather was phenomenal!! After blazing heat and drizzling rain, the crisp fresh air with just the right amount of sunlight was exactly what I needed to jump start my adventure-ism. 

I threw some odds and ends in my car… a tent, rope, swim trunks, a hunting knife, too much camera gear and some pretzels, rolled down my windows, slid a scratched Ataris CD in my stereo and set out north, not knowing or caring where I ended up. 

I stopped by one of my favorite places in Monroe, Black Bayou, and saw an alligator. Not an uncommon sight out there, but this little guy was fairly close and was worth laying down on the dock with my iphone outstretched over the water. At this point I should say that this day adventure soon became driven by iphone photography… as a new iphone user and a photographer, I have embraced the remarkably good camera, cliche filters and the ease of dispersing the images all over the internet. All of the above images were taken with my iphone and the square ones were edited with the popular Instagram application. 

I got back on the road for a bit and realized I was headed to Mer Rouge and recalled that my boss (who I also ran into a Black Bayou) had told me of a great ice cream place there. 

After a delicious vanilla cone, I kept driving, made a quick loop into Arkansas to snap about 20 more Instagrams, lock my keys in my car at a gas station and then head south back to Monroe via a creepy, ghost-haunted dirt road.  

All in all, a good adventure.