Go Fly A Kite:

      After a great panini lunch at Frothy Monkey, we could not resist the draw of the blue sky and warmish sunshine. It was a beautiful day, so we decided to fly kites.

      Determined not to set foot in Wal-Mart, we visited most every dollar store in Ruston, our search just resulting in confused looks. Finally resigning ourselves to go to the “savings place,” Wal-mart did not sell kites either.

      Headed out of the parking lot, we saw one more dollar store, Dollar Tree. Take note, this is the one store that apparently sells kites year-round. Armed with our starwars and ironman kites, we headed out to find wide open spaces.

      Flying kites is harder than it looks, especially in Louisiana. After a few successful flights and a lot of not so successful ones, we decided that our kites were scared of heights.

       As the sun was falling lower in the sky, we headed to a nearby park to relax and watch the water.

       In all, a great way to spend a sunny day and a relaxing way to gear up for the night…

Ben CordaComment