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My Last College Football Game:

       Yesterday, Tech played their last football game of the season. As I was walking out of the stadium, I realized it was the last college football game I would shoot as a student.

       Never big into watching sports, I gave photographing them a try my freshman year at college. Shooting with my Nikon d40 and a sigma f/3.5 55-105mm manual focus push-pull lens that I found in the newspaper storage room, it was a challenge.

      I maybe was able to snap two or three usable pics (usable by my standards then) like the above photo taken almost four years ago. I was ecstatic when the paper would actually use these, though I look back and wonder why. Nevertheless, the people were so positive, I never doubted my abilities and for that I am grateful.

      A mentor of mine, told me to get the shots that I need for our team, but also shoot the other team as well because in a portfolio, it doesn’t matter what team the image is of… Because of that, after the game was over, I stuck around on the Nevada sidelines to snap some reactions of the win that made them a shoe in for the Vegas Bowl.

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