Moving Pictures:

This summer I did a lot of video work. Using an Canon HDV, I learned to love it. But lately I have been really wanting to shoot with a DSLR. I borrowed a Canon Rebel XTII and tried a little bit in the office. Not really happy with it. The kit lens was a f/4-5.6 and was really jerky on the focus and zoom, not to mention, since its a Canon, it zooms in the opposite direction than I am used to. I have been toying with the idea of buying a cheap lens mount converter so that I can use some of my Nikkor fast aperture primes. 

A new photo project that I am working on would greatly benefit from the adition to some video and audio of the interview before, during and after the portraits that I will be taking. 

One thing is for sure, when old faithful (my trusty D300) gets replaced, you better believe my new DSLR has video in 1080p.

Ben CordaComment