Power Up:

As I draw near to the end of my college career, I realize that I have been fighting against what I know. A university is a “town” condensed. It crams different people, skill sets and hobbies into a box.

Im an adventurous person. I like to explore. I have been in and walked around every building on campus, often taking pictures. I did this very early on… and now these building seem boring. The thing is, that not everyone has been in these buidlings, therefore something boring to me can maybe, just maybe catch someones eye and have them wonder where it is.

I am trying to approach what mundane things I have to shoot here during my remaining time at Tech with the idea that these places and individuals may not be mundane for most people.

Here are a couple shots of the power-lifting team… or rather a couple of shots from any weight room, at any gym, in any town, in any state…

Ben CordaComment