pursuit of a dream

A recent discussion in my photography class was focused around Richard Avedon’s series on the American West. The faces are so vivid and the expressions are unique. Avedon’s style intrigues me and I find myself wanting to try his techniques on capturing a person with their guard down.

To do this, I have decided that I must try this out in a town in which I do not reside. So, after this quarter is over, I am planning on embarking on a mini road-trip, destination unknown, to push my photography to the next level.

Not having the access, time or money to shoot medium or large format, a 35mm Nikon FE with a prime 35mm f/2 or 50mm f/1.8 will serve my purposes perfectly. A couple cases of Kodak TMAX 400 B&W that I found rotting away in a dark closet, will be my diary.

I have yet to nail down my formula, debating issues of environmental vs. studio backdrop, head shots vs. waist-up vs. full length-  several issues that I will continue to iron out.

I have often wanted just to leave, to get in a car and just drive, making images and memories.

This was the push I needed, and I will make it happen.