Alma mater:

Last Saturday, I shot my first Louisiana Tech game post graduation. It felt different. I wasn’t shooting for a Tech publication. As a matter of fact, I was mostly shooting the University of Houston for the Associated Press. 

This time I couldn’t wear my “relaxation pants,” an old v-neck and a backwards Tech hat. Even though no one would have cared if I wore my Tech hat, I left it in the car…

I shot the game, left early to make deadline and promptly forgot about it because I was in weekend mode.

Today I saw that my images made it into several large newspapers including The Houston Chronicle, The San Francisco Examiner and The Austin Statesman. Thanks to my great friend Johnny, I was able to see my name in print and not just online.

While this is a routine happening when you work for Gannett, its always encouraging to see my work leave Monroe.